Star Wars Jedi Survivor Trophy List

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trophy List Can Be Completed in a Single Playthrough

The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor trophy list has been revealed before the game’s release in just a few days on April 28. It contains a whopping 54 trophies in total, with 23 that are hidden since they are mainly tied to the story. While getting every single trophy doesn’t seem as easy it was for Fallen Order, it looks like you’ll be able to nab every last one in a single playthrough, including the coveted Platinum Trophy, without having to adjust difficulties like in other games.

Getting the Platinum Trophy will still require a lot of effort

The full list of trophies for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor can be found at PSN Profiles, which reveals the names and descriptions for all of the hidden trophies (so fair warning, some minor spoilers could be there).

Among all of the trophies, it looks like the most difficult or the most effort will be ones that require you to collect or complete every last particular thing. For instance, the “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” trophy requires you to complete all Force Tears. These transport Cal to special challenges where there can be enemies or platforming puzzles.

A few more examples are the “Gambler” trophy that requires you win every holotactics match and the “Reconnaissance” trophy that has you scan every type of enemy to fill out the Tactical Guide. Last but not least is the “I’m a Living Legend” trophy that forces Cal to defeat every legendary foe in the game.

As previously reported, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a massive download size on PS5 and physical copies will still require an internet download.