change ps5 background theme

Can You Change Your PS5 Background and Theme?

The PS5 background and theme are a sore spot for PlayStation 5 owners, with Sony deciding to stick with a dynamic home screen that also means players can’t select their own images as their wallpaper. As a result, many have wondered if there’s a workaround. While that isn’t the case, there is a way to at least partially customize the appearance of your account on the console.

Is there a way to change your PS5 background?

You cannot change your PS5 background or theme, as the console does not allow users to move away from its default dynamic theme. However, you can customize the appearance of your profile to whatever image you’d like, which isn’t quite the same thing but at least allows you to spruce things up a little. Follow these steps to do just that:

  1. Go to Game Base
  2. Go to Messages
  3. Send the message ‘’ or ‘’ to another account and click the link
  4. Search an image in Google Images or Bing Images
  5. Press the Share button and save a screenshot
  6. Edit the image to fit your screen
  7. Go to your Profile
  8. Select Edit Profile and Change Image

By following the above steps, you’ll be able to select the screenshot you saved on Google/Bing and set it as your cover image.

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