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Readers’ Opinion: Do You Think the Microsoft and Activision Blizzard Deal Is Dead?

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The Microsoft and Activision Blizzard deal has been thrown into question thanks to U.K. regulator Competition and Markets Authority blocking the acquisition. As such, it’s unclear if the deal will go through after all, meaning that Xbox could miss out on securing the likes of Call of Duty, Candy Crash, and World of Warcraft as first-party franchises.

But do you think the deal is truly dead, or do you believe that Microsoft will rise from the ashes and secure this acquisition after all? Let us know and we’ll feature our favorite replies in the next Readers’ Opinion.

Our opinion

It’s rare that a giant, bank-rolling company doesn’t get to do exactly what it wants. The CMA blocking the deal means that Microsoft’s job is going to be more difficult, but I can’t see some variation of this acquisition not being finalized.

Microsoft may have to concede some ground here and there, but do we really believe that it isn’t going to get what it wants after this much upheaval? I can’t see this hurdle being the thing that stops the deal, and even if it takes even more time than expected to get it confirmed, it’s not going to have wasted this much time on the acquisition only to let it slip between its fingers.

You said…

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