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Readers’ Opinion: Is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor the Best Star Wars Game?

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is out now, and it’s been receiving rave reviews. Currently sitting at a Metascore of 86, Respawn and EA’s latest lightsaber-swinging action game has surpassed expectations for many, even if it suffers from some notable performance issues. But is it the best Star Wars game ever? Let us know and the best responses will be included in the next Readers’ Opinion.

Our opinion

Jedi: Survivor improves on a lot of the issues many had with Jedi: Fallen Order, and I particularly enjoyed its livelier locations when compared to its predecessors’ somewhat empty worlds. It also nails lightsaber combat better than any previous Star Wars game, offering a whole bunch of exciting stances that really let you lean into your favored Jedi style.

But with that being said, my go-to Star Wars game remains The Old Republic. The best kind of Star Wars is when it mixes space wizardry and laser swords with political intrigue and compelling characters, and The Old Republic does just that. Jedi: Survivor may be new and shiny, but does it let me ride a Rancor mount through Coruscant? No, it does not.

You said…

In the last Readers’ Opinion, we asked if you would buy an Xbox Series X. The results swayed between those who politely said “absolutely not” and who already owned Microsoft’s console.

Timewarp wrote:

I bought an XSX recently, every generation Microsoft buys out more games companies for exclusives and I’m tired of it, I got ultimate game pass so I could play all the exclusives at once and so far I’ve finished Reach and Halo 1 and I’m on Halo 2. It’s ok.

I just wanna play the Bethesda games. I’ve been waiting so long for Starfield, I’m not gonna be locked out of it thanks to some deal between Bethesda and Microsoft.

Peacenutman replied:

No. Not a single exclusive I want to play on Xbox. I’ll just get it on PC since it’s day to day release.