Spider-Man 2 Trailer Showcase Symbiote-Filled Gameplay

Spider-Man 2 Trailer Showcase Symbiote-Filled Gameplay

After a long period of little to go on, Insomniac Games has shown off the latest Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 trailer at the PlayStation Showcase. It ended the show with over 10 minutes of gameplay, as well as an intro to Kraven the Hunter.

The Spider-Man 2 gameplay shows off both Spider-Men

The block started with that intro to Kraven, as he is seen hunting a poor soul that he calls inadequate. This leads him to New York, which has many more threatening beings to hunt.

It then transitions to more traditional gameplay, which kicks off with a symbiote-driven Peter Parker. These dark powers give him more destructive abilities and a more menacing disposition. He’s also got a new parry in addition to various symbiote attacks.

The point of view then shifts to Miles Morales, which demonstrates how players can go between each of the Spider-Men. Miles can glide (Peter can, as well) and move around the city more quickly than before because of the PS5’s SSD, as explained by Insomniac on the PlayStation Blog. After a brief sequence showing a couple of Miles’ new stealth and combat powers, the two then go on a chase, combating The Lizard and Kraven’s goons along the way in an explosive set piece.

Insomniac also pointed out on the PlayStation Blog that Miles and Peter will have separate skill trees, in addition to a shared one. As for the story, the team is “really delving into Peter’s personal relationship” with the symbiote and “how it affects those closest to him.”

Previous rumors pointed to a September release date, while Insomniac had only previously said it was releasing in the fall, which is still the case. However, a more exact release date (along with information on its special editions) is coming “soon.”