One of PS Plus Extra, Premium November 2023 Games Revealed

PS Plus Extra, Premium November 2023 Games Include a Day-One Release

Sony has beaten leakers to the punch to reveal one of PS Plus Extra and Premium November 2023 games. Sandbox demolition heist adventure Teardown is set to launch on the service day one on November 15.

Sony has yet to announce October 2023’s PS Plus Extra and Premium games lineup

Teardown was originally released in 2022 on the PC, where it won numerous accolades and quickly became one of Steam’s best-selling games in its early access phase. Teardown is set to launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S simultaneously, but it looks like it’s exclusively launching on PS Plus as there’s no news of an Xbox Game Pass release at the time of this writing. Additionally, Teardown will not be available on PS4.

Teardown’s PS Plus launch will coincide with its first-ever season pass that’ll come with a campaign expansion and new game modes. Developer Tuxedo Labs also has plans for three more DLCs in 2024, one of which — called Folkrace — will add new racing modes and “destructive” challenges.

Sony has announced Teardown’s PS Plus launch well ahead of time. We have yet to hear about October 2023’s new additions, which are expected to be revealed in the second week of the month unless they’re fashionably leaked.