Jet Set Radio Remake

Jet Set Radio Leak Spawns Rumors of Unannounced Remake

Several leaks that purport to be from an internal SEGA presentation suggest that there is an unannounced Jet Set Radio remake in development alongside the previously announced reboot. The same rumors are also describing the reboot as a free-to-play game, although SEGA is yet to confirm any of this information.

Will there be two new Jet Set Radio games?

The latest rumors claim that there is a remake of the original Jet Set Radio game on Dreamcast and that it is unrelated to the game that was announced last December. As reported by Twitter user Senhorita Kazzy, the remake will supposedly be “an open world remake with new additions.”

The information was accompanied by screenshots that other players were struggling to tie in with the Dreamcast game. Apparently, the game is being made in Unreal Engine 5 and “this is why the screenshots look much different from the original game.”

Another Tweet purported to show slides from an internal SEGA presentation revealing the publisher’s plans for the two games. The unannounced remake will supposedly “raise awareness” of the franchise and is planned to be released in January 2026. After the remake is released, SEGA can then “expand into the F2P [free-to-play] market” with the game that has already been revealed, which will apparently be “an accessible action game.”

All of this information is sourced from Midori, an alternative Twitter account run by Persona leaker MysticDistance. While his reputation has been questioned lately, the information has been backed up another leaker. Twitter user Komajiro then posted another slide that had more details about the remake. The game is still located on Tokyo Island and features multiple teams of Rudies, only this time they’re battling for possession of a mysterious black book.

It’s worth mentioning that even if the slides are from a SEGA presentation, they’re several months old. The one slide mentions that more information on the free-to-play game would be released internally in June 2023. As such, bear in mind that this is old information that could be completely incorrect by now, so take these details with a healthy dose of salt.