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super seducer

Super Seducer Developer Says ‘Me Too’ Movement Contributed to Controversy Surrounding the Game

Sony blocked the game from releasing on the PS4.

super seducer ps4

Latest Super Seducer Trailer Aims to Teach Players How to Pick Up Women

Learn from the best.

super seducer ps4

Improve Your Pick-Up Skills With Super Seducer, Releasing on Valentine’s Day

Practice your best moves.

Color Guardians Review – Brutal Colors (PS4)

Tough, challenging, but very satisfying.

GDC 2015: Color Guardians Hands-On Preview – Colortastic

We went hands-on with Fair Play Lab’s Color Guardians.

Color Guardians Paints Its Way to the PS4 & PS Vita in April 2015

Complete with a Platinum Trophy.