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Warner Bros. Responds to Bethesda Lawsuit

Warner Bros. has some words for Bethesda.

fallout shelter lawsuit

Bethesda Sues Warner Bros. Over Westworld Game

Bethesda aims to take a share of the profits.

fallout shelter ps4

E3 2018: Fallout Shelter Available For Free on PS4 Starting Tonight

Available tonight, and for free.

fallout shelter ps4

Fallout Shelter Coming to PS4, Trophy List Appears Online

Platinum included!

fallout shelter ps4

Doesn’t Sound Like Fallout Shelter Is in the Works for PS4 Right Now

Bethesda didn’t make it for Xbox One, just the Universal Windows App.

US Digital Console and PC Sales Saw Increase in June, Bethesda Cleans Up

And Bethesda made $5.1 million off of Fallout Shelter.