Doesn’t Sound Like Fallout Shelter Is in the Works for PS4 Right Now

Previously released for iOS/Android devices and PC, Fallout Shelter came to Xbox One and Windows 10 earlier this week. This left many people wondering if it would eventually come to PlayStation 4, but as Bethesda’s Pete Hines revealed on Twitter yesterday, they never actually made Fallout Shelter for Xbox One:

We didn’t make it for Xbox. we made it for UWA which runs on a variety of things, including Xbox One.

Asked if there was any chance Fallout Shelter would come to PS4, Hines replied, “Dunno. We didn’t make it for Xbox. We made it for universal windows platform, which supports a variety of devices.”

Responding to a couple of other questions about Fallout Shelter for PS4, Hines said, “Universal Windows is a MS platform. Runs on devices that support windows 10 and 10 mobile.” Because UWA is a Microsoft platform, “Universal windows app does not include PS4 support.”

In one of his final tweets of the day about Fallout Shelter, Hines said he doesn’t have any info “about whether it will or won’t come out to any other platforms.”

Would you like to see Fallout Shelter on PS4?

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