Tony Hawk Will Take Your Wallet for a Ride

May 26, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Tony Hawk: RIDE just had its big reveal not too long ago. And the community was surprised to learn that the game would ship with a plastic peripheral in the shape of a (you guessed it) giant skateboard. We really don’t dig peripherals that are only useful for a single game, but the game should have a lot more information revealed come E3, so we will pass judgment for now.

The shocking thing here is the price that GameStop has listed on its website.  Tony Hawkplans to rape your wallet of $120.  If you are still interested in this game, GameStop is also showing a release date for October 13th, 2009.  You can check out a screen-grab below or visit the site for yourself to see.

So, PlayStation LifeStyle readers, would you be willing to pay the excruciating price of an arm and a leg for the latest game in a series that has steadily decreased in quality over the years? Or would you rather just stick with the affordable, peripheral-less Skate 2?