Heavy Rain Script 16 Times Longer than Typical Movie

August 25, 2009Written by Draisey


According to screenwriting legend Syd Field, every page of a screenplay equals one minute of film time, on average. And this is why most films are built off scripts that are 120 pages in length. Videogames are a little different, since the developers have to make the story branch whenever the player makes significant decisions within a game. Heavy Rain is a shining example of this, because of one startling fact.

Its script is over 2,000 pages in length!

Though David Cage and his crew over at Quantic Dream have long been emphasizing the rubberband-like design strategy they were bringing to the table, as well as realistic storytelling techniques, we had no idea just how dedicated they were to creating so many different story paths within Heavy Rain. Just to round up the figures, 2,000 pages of screenplay comes out to 33 hours worth of screen time.

Obviously, the game won’t be this long. But it’s great to see so much dedication and hard work from the team at Quantic Dreams.