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PSP Mini Development Gets Viscious

September 24, 2009Written by Kishen Patel


While the concept of the newly announced PSP Minis is indeed an exciting and ingenious one, especially for future owners of the PSPgo,  the reality of it happening and actually taking off like it should just was not in perspective. Fortunately, with new details like the price-points, affordable development support, and more details likely to emerge at TGS, it looks like gamers will be seeing quite a bit of content soon enough.

Popular middleware developer tools vendor (think Havok or Unreal), Vicious, has announced a partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment to provide developmental tools for Minis developers. According to SCEE’s Zeno Colaco:

“We needed a company that really understood the PSP platform, and the team at Vicious Cycle Software was ideally suited for the task. The Vicious Engine was the first commercially available game development platform to specifically support PSP, and that dedication to providing a high-quality handheld development environment has only grown stronger over the years.”

With easy-to-use tools at the hands of small development houses and independent developers, the opportunity for innovative and bite-sized games has reached a much larger potential.