Reebok Kicks Off Free Madden AFL Legacy Packs

September 28, 2009Written by Kishen Patel


If you’re a huge fan of great American football, there’s a chance a Madden NFL title in in your PlayStation 3 media library. But what about the latest downloadable content for the latest Madden NFL 10? Fortunately, if your football dollars went towards new kicks and gear, Reebok is returning the favor to the gamer.

Sportswear manufacturer, Reebok, has touched down with a new contest for PS3 gamers to win the latest addon for Madden 10, the AFL Legacy Pack. While the AFL Legacy Pack only costs $6.99 on the PlayStation Store as it is, this is a nice way for the athletic brand to cross-promote its products in Madden while the EA franchise gets some publicity as well.

To enter the contest, simply register at the Reebok AFL contest site for a chance to win a voucher for the Madden NFL 10 addon. Are you planning on entering this contest?