“Mammoth” PlayStation Update Due Next Week

October 23, 2009Written by Sebastian Moss

Every Thursday the PlayStation Store updates across the globe, bringing specific content to individual regions as well as demos, trailers and downloadable content for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. This week’s European Store update was rather mundane, with an NBA 2K10 demo, some special offers, videos and two dynamic themes. However, Mike Kebby, SCEE PlayStation Store Team member, has promised that next week’s update will be far bigger.

In the comments section of the European PlayStation Blog, Kebby teased:

“Well next week is going to be a mammoth update in comparison – I can tell you all that much.”

As to what will be in the update remains to be seen, but Kebby did let out that the Ratchet and Clank: ACIT demo will be out “next week” and that the Dragonball Z Raging Blast Demo will “be here next week”. He also told users that The Beatles: Rock Band Abbey Road DLC “is on the schedule for next week”. However, Kebby also admitted that he didn’t “have a date” for Final Fantasy VIII and that he was “afraid” that he had no information to “share” about Hustle Kings.