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Retro City Rampage DX Released on PSP With 4-Way Cross-Buy, New PS4 Retail Version Out Friday

This could be one of the last PSP games ever released.

best sonic characters

Top 10 Best Sonic Characters

The definitive list.

PlayStation Store 555x328

PlayStation Store Sales in North America: June 7 to 13, 2016 – Capcom Sale

Pre-order 7 Days to Die to save 10%.


Reminder: Grab the May PlayStation Plus Free Games Before the June 2016 Titles Go Up Tomorrow

You’re going to need this much space for NBA 2K16.


The 10 Most Memorable Games by System, According to Famitsu Readers

Time for list wars!

Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary

Dragon Quest’s On and Off History With PlayStation

Long live Dragon Warrior!

E3 2006 Sony

How Sony’s E3 2006 Changed Gaming History

It’s Ridge Racer! Riiiidge Racer!


Cancelled PlayStation Games We’re Heartbroken About

We’re still sad we never got to play these games!


Final Day to Get April’s PlayStation Plus Free Games, May 2016 PS+ Titles Go up Tomorrow

See download sizes for the released games.


PlayStation Store Sales in North America: April 19 to 25, 2016 – Grand Theft Auto Sale

Last week to pre-order Alienation and save 10%.

Ranking the Best and Worst of the Ratchet & Clank Series Header

Qwarktastic – We Rank the Ratchet & Clank Series

If we ranked names, then Up Your Arsenal would be #1


Mega Man Legends 2 Hitting North America on April 5 as a PSOne Classic

First title released back in September.

Ranking the Best and Worst of the Kingdom Hearts Series

Ranking the Best and Worst of the Kingdom Hearts Series

So many keyblades!


PSP & PS Vita Skype Support Ending on June 22

The app is no longer available on the PlayStation Store.

The Best God of War Game From Hero to Zero Which Game Is the Best

Ranking the Best and Worst of the God of War Series

What’s your favorite?


PlayStation Store Sales in North America: March 8 to 14, 2016 – Assassin’s Creed Sale & More

Everyone can save on some upcoming PS4 titles.


PSP Losing PlayStation Store Access on March 31 in North America

You’ll still be able to use the web store.


Volition Releases Playable Prototype of Canned Saints Row PSP Game Undercover

It lives! Sort of…


Well It’s About Damn Time – Breath of Fire III to NA PSN

“I…didn’t ask… to be Brood… I didn’t ask for the power.”