Sony Asking You Which Games You Want to See in PS Plus

July 13, 2010Written by Zak Islam

PlayStation Plus, Sony’s premium PlayStation Network service, was unveiled during E3 2010 and released upon the PS3 3.40 firmware update. One of the major gripes, some may argue, is that the content – specifically games – are not really new and is not worth subscribing to PlayStation Plus for. Well, now Sony asking for your feedback on what games you would like to see in the premium service.

Over on the European PlayStation Blog, Sony are asking you to leave your feedback for what games you’d like to see in PlayStation Plus. SCA has asked you to say what you would like to see from the following categories:

  • PSN titles
  • PS One Classics
  • minis
  • PS3 titles for Full Game Trial

Sony will now collect everyone’s suggestions together, check out whether they are possible and then post a short list on the Blog as soon as they can – they even capitalized ASAP so it’s very soon! –¬† so readers can vote on what you want out of the list. “You can directly influence what games are included in Plus, so get commenting‚Ķ”

You heard, now get commenting! Head on over to the PlayStation Blog now and voice your PlayStation Plus thoughts.

What games would everyone like to see on PlayStation Plus? Would more new games convince you into buying a subscription or are current PS Plus users happy with the content provided currently? Let us know via the comments section below…