SCEE Wants to Shift PSN Titles to Retail

March 7, 2011Written by Zak Islam

United States retailer GameStop has already been selling PlayStation Network games in-store. Now, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is looking into doing exactly the same in European territories.

SCEE President Andrew House told MCV that the company would want to work with certain European retailers to distribute the PlayStation Network titles in-store.

House said:

We actually already have the same programme in place with GameStop in the US.

He continued:

We would like to work with the right retail partners in Europe under the right model, to undertake the same sort of activity.

The decision to sell PlayStation Network games in retail within the United States has proved to be successful for Sony as the percentage of revenue for the PlayStation Store has dramatically increased in recent times. With SCEE now looking to do the same in Europe, it could very well lead to a continued revenue boost for the PlayStation Store. To our European readers: would you like to see PSN games being sold in retail? Voice your thoughts via the comment section below.