Volition Founder Bids Adieu to Company He Started

April 30, 2011Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Volition, Inc. has been hard at work on Red Faction: Armageddon, Saints Row: The Third, and even inSANE, a survival horror game being directed by Guillermo del Toro. Work on Armageddon has finished, and the founder of the company has announced his departure.

Speaking with The News-Gazette, a local paper covering Champaign, the area in Illinois that Volition is based, Mike Kulas stated that he will be stepping down from his position as President of the company. This coming Monday will be his last day. Mr. Kulas said that this decision isn’t due to anything that happened within the company, just that he felt it was time to move on from a company that he has been working with for over 18 years. With work on Red Faction: Armageddon finished (the game is now set to release this June) and Saints Row: The Third nearly completed, Mr. Kulas saw the opportunity to gracefully leave the firm, something he was actually contemplating a year ago. Vice President of Product Development Dan Cermak, who has held that position since 2003, is going to step in to take over as President.

Volition, Inc. has its roots in Parallax Software, which formed in 1993 with Mike Kulos and Matt Toschlog at the helm. In 1997 Parallax was dissolved into two entities, Outrage Entertainment and Volition, both companies that would then be acquired by THQ. Outrage Entertainment is no more, but Volition is (and Mr. Kulos hopes it will continue to be) running multiple successful franchises. PlayStation LifeStyle hopes the best for Mr. Kulos moving forward, and we also await the direction that Mr. Cermak takes Volition in the future.