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de Blob

Nordic Games Announces the Acquisition of de Blob’s IP

More blobby action coming in the future?

Saints Row PS Move

Cancelled Saints Row: The Cooler Game Was Planning to Use PS Move, Kinect

Would have been pretty entertaining.


Darksiders 2 Reportedly Cost THQ $50 Million to Create

That’s a lot of dough.


Nordic Games to Publish Under the THQ Name

It’s alive!

SR4 Jim Boone

Volition Talks Saints Row IV, The Death of THQ and Next-Gen Consoles

No relation to Ed Boon, I think.

thq bankrupt header

Court Approves THQ Employee Severance and Benefit Extensions, As Long as They Sign Antidefamation Clause

The workers of THQ won’t have to walk away empty handed it seems.

Bad Gamers 18b

Bad Gamers: Ep 18 – Dead Space 3 Hands on and a Special Guest

We’ve got Wood…come check it out.


WWE Game License May Have Been Acquired by Take-Two

Bet EA is annoyed.


Double Fine Reportedly Considering Purchase of THQ Assets

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if every major player in the industry gets involved.


Rumor: Ubisoft Looking to Purchase THQ’s Studios and IPs

I’m guessing Saints Row is at the top of their wishlist.


THQ President Details Publisher’s “New Start”

It’s not over till the fat lady sings.


THQ Files for Bankruptcy, Seeking Buyer

Didn’t see this coming…


Ubisoft Possibly Looking to Purchase IP From THQ

Ubisoft’s wishlist: Saints Row, Darksiders, Metro…

THQs Final Hope

Daily Reaction: THQ – The Rise, The Fall, The End?

How not to run a business.


Darksiders 2 Dominates US Game Sales During August

Madden NFL 13 enjoys record-breaking first-week sales.


WWE ’13 Preview (PS3)

Nearly escaping the 3-count.

WWE 13

THQ Unveils WWE 13 Roster

Includes veterans such as Steve Austin and The Rock.


Darksiders 2 Combat Designed to be “Open Ended”

Combat inspired by DMC and Bayonetta.


Darksiders II Review (PS3)

Ride forth, Pale Rider!


Final Pre-Release Trailer for Darksiders 2 Goes Live

One week away!