Industry Icon Prepping PS3-Exclusive RPG

May 26, 2011Written by Zak Islam

Ex-Capcom designer and Mega Man creator, Keiji Inafune has been involved and behind some of the industry’s biggest titles. Ranging from producing three Resident Evil games as well as creating the Dead Rising and Lost Planet franchises, the acclaimed developer is highly respected for his work. Inafune is now working on a new project, and it’s exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

The exclusive for Sony’s console is said to be an role-playing game, according to Bloomberg. They also said the exclusive from Inafune is currently scheduled for a release this August.

Inafune is working on his latest games with two game development studios: Intercept and Comcept. An E3 reveal for the PlayStation 3 role-playing title could definitely be on the cards.

Inafune said:

In this industry, it’s often the creators who have the eye for potential hits but they’re not the ones deciding what gets published. We’ll see many more clashes as creator- management divides widen.”

Apart from working on multiple Resident Evil games and creating the recent Lost Planet, as well as Dead Rising, Keiji Inafune is also responsible for Onimusha and Mega Man. And let’s not forget his work as an artist on the original Street Fighter.

Inafune has again and again played a defining role in the games industry — could his next project be his most ambitious yet?