BioWare Not Deterred By DA2 Reception; Mark of the Assassin DLC Coming Next Month

September 17, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

Dragon Age II‘s reception has been somewhat of a mixed bag, but BioWare haven’t been deterred in the slightest, and confidently released the Legacy DLC addon back in July. Better yet, they will be releasing yet another major DLC addon next month.

BioWare has updated their site with what will be Dragon Age II‘s second major piece of DLC: Mark of the Assassin. As stated on the site, the new addon content will focus on Hawke, the protagonist of DAII, and his adventure with a new elf assassin named Tallis. Tallis will have her own story to explore along with a new gameplay style. Oh, and she’ll be voiced by none other than Felicia Day, a popular actress who just started dabbling in video game voice acting last year. More details will be available on the 18th.

If you purchased Dragon Age II and need a reason to pop the game back into your PS3, this may be it. Look out for Mark of the Assassin‘s arrival on October 11th.