Battlefield 3 Jay-Z 99 Problems Full TV Ad Revealed, Shows New Footage

September 26, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

After teasing the Jay-Z 99 Problems Battlefield 3 trailer last week, EA have revealed the full minute-long advert for DICE’s first person shooter, featuring explosions, helicopters and lots and lots of guns.

The advert will most likely be a key feature of EA’s multi-million dollar campaign to promote the shooter in the face of the behemoth that is Modern Warfare 3.

At the end of the ad, you’ll notice the cheeky slogan “Above And Beyond The Call”, which, once again, pokes fun at Call of Duty.

If the video has got you in the mood for some BF3 action, you won’t have to wait too long as the Battlefield 3 Beta launches on PSN this Thursday, and the full game releases on October 25th.

The original teaser received a rather mixed reception, but do you prefer the full video? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let us know which song you would have preferred.