Battlefield 3 Tunes Up For Live-Streaming Concert

September 29, 2011Written by Ray Conley

Aside from making itself a name for its intense gameplay, Battlefield 3 is aiming to reach out to the those who also enjoy the finer things in life. If you’re the type who enjoys the up-kick musical beats while brandishing DICE’s digital arsenal, then they’ve got a spot reserved just for you with their latest event.

As of late, Battlefield 3 has been successfully using the social media website Facebook as a PR wagon to help spread the word of their IP and to cater to their growing followers with the latest news. To further garner their fans, DICE will be kicking off a display of their musical talent by hosting a full Battlefield 3 concert at Kansas State University on October 5th at 10PM – the first stop of many on their cross-country tour.

What’s that? Don’t have bus ticket to Kansas, you say? Not a problem – DICE will also be hosting the concert via live-streaming on their Facebook page. And the best part about that is that it’s free! If you have a Facebook account, click here to book your RSVP and convince your friends to tune in as well.

Start planning to take that much needed break from their online beta, and rest your ears from the bangs and bullets to some symphonic feng shui. Then get locked and loaded with your Battlefield 3 preorder to ensure that you won’t miss a beat when the battlefield erupts this October 25th.