Starlight Inception Kickstarter Nears End, Tantalizingly Close to Target

May 8, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

It must be a pretty nerve-racking time to be an Escape Hatch employee, with $150,000 hanging in the balance as the Kickstarter for PS Vita and PC game Starlight Inception draws to a close.

While over $140,000 has already been pledged by over 3,000 people, Escape Hatch won’t earn a single cent unless the full $150k is raised on Kickstarter. To learn whether it was worth investing in the “realistic and relevant 1st person/3rd person strategic and tactical space combat experience” we interviewed the studio’s head, Gary Gaber as well as exclusively posting a guest post about the title.

To chip in, or just to watch the minute hand count down, be sure to head over to the game’s Kickstarter pager here.