First Dead Space 3 Details; Co-Op, February Release Confirmed

June 3, 2012Written by Zak Islam

Following its official confirmation by Electronic Arts, the first details of Visceral Games’ Dead Space 3 has been unearthed, confirming a co-op component among other intriguing elements.

As previously rumored, the game takes place on an icy planet, with competitive multiplayer not making a return. The game itself will launch during February 2013 but no specific release date has been set yet. Other details (via NeoGAF) are below, as revealed by Game Informer’s latest magazine issue:

  • Co-op confirmed
  • No competitive multiplayer
  • Now has universal ammo pickups
  • Cover system added
  • Unitologists pose a threat now,the screens look like they’re shooting at Isaac while he’s taking cover
  • Co-Op will add new cutscenes and interactions between Isaac and Carver: “If you play single player you’ll hear everything you need to hear to get the whole story.”
  • Dead Space 3 will have zero gravity space sections, dark corridors, and all the other things that made the series what it is
  • New necromorphs called Fodder, feeders & something Visceral internally calls ‘The snow beast’ plus a huge 30 story tall centipede necro morph called the Nexus
  • Feeders are “what happens when a human isn’t actually infected by a Swarm or by a Divider head,but by necessity ends up eating the flesh of a turned necro”
  • Icy Planet is called Tau Volantis
  • Fodder transform into two different necromorphs depending on how you kill them
  • Ammo drops are more plentiful
  • They want DS3 to be less linear than 2&1; be able to explore large environments and find “unique beta missions” that aren’t required to complete the main game
  • You can slap different guns together like a Plasma cutter/Ripper combo,Visceral didn’t say “how exactly these weapon mods work” but GI noticed enemies drop Scrap metal and ‘tungsten’ now

Dead Space 3 will be showcased at E3’s press conference on Monday via its debut footage. Leaked screenshots of the game, meanwhile, can be viewed here.