The Last of Us Encourages Exploration, “Big Cast” of Characters Teased

June 7, 2012Written by Zak Islam

Naughty Dog has said The Last of Us will allow players to choose the proportion of the game’s environment they wish to explore. The studio also teased “a pretty big cast of characters” for the title.

Creative director Neil Druckmann told GTTV that The Last of Us will allow players to explore the title’s setting in order to discover more about the back story:

It’s a story that has specific beats that you’re going to experience, but within those – or between those – we really want to open up the environment to let you explore so you can choose how much you want to go off the beaten path and find these narrative moments that will tell you more about who Joel and Ellie are, and their different perspectives on how they view the world.

Lead characters Joel and Ellie won’t be alone in the game with Naughty Dog confirming that the post-apocalyptic world will feature additional characters:

You will be allied with other characters. Right now, we’re just focusing on Joel and Ellie but we have a pretty big cast of characters that we haven’t revealed yet.

The Last of Us is currently scheduled for a release 2013 release. Its debut gameplay footage can be viewed below.