Tomb Raider Developer Commends Square Enix’s Support For Reboot

June 9, 2012Written by Zak Islam

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Crystal Dynamics has poured praise on publisher Square Enix for its support for the developer’s Tomb Raider reboot.

Executive producer Ron Rosenberg told GiantBomb that the company’s support for Tomb Raider comes “straight from the top”.

We received a mandate, straight from the top to make this game special. From [Square Enix CEO Yoichi] Wada-san, [Square Enix Europe CEO] Phil Rogers. They came to us and said ‘make the greatest Tomb Raider you can make’ and that’s where we kicked things off. It’s been fantastic, to be frank. From the very top, Wada-san is super supportive of our game.

Rosenberg also noted the useful resources they have at their disposal due to having Square Enix as their publisher:

We’ve also had the chance to do some collaborations. The trailer that we released last year was done by Visual Work. We’re also doing some audio collaborations with Square Enix Japan. It’s just been fabulous to have those resources, and all those people at our back helping us.

Tomb Raider is currently scheduled for a worldwide release on March 5th, 2013.