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Square Releases Screenshots for Final Fantasy III PSP

June 13, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Support for the PlayStation Portable lives on, as news broke earlier this week that Square Enix will be porting the DS remake of Final Fantasy III to Sony’s aging handheld. A plethora of screenshots have just made their way onto the web, and unsurprisingly, it looks a lot like the DS version.

It’s great that Final Fantasy III will finally be available to PlayStation owners, but it’s a bit puzzling as to why it isn’t coming to the Vita as well. Right now the game is only confirmed to be coming to Japan, but it’d be hard to believe that Square would leave the Western audience out.

Check out the screens (including shots of cutscenes, character art and in-game footage) below:

The game will arrive in Japan on September 20th. Be sure to check back here at PlayStation LifeStyle for future updates, including if and/or when we can expect a localized version.