PlayStation Plus: Three New Games Added To Instant Game Collection, Rainbow Moon Discount

July 2, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Sony has announced that three new games will be added to PlayStation Plus’ Instant Game Collection, in addition to announcing that PS+ members will receive a discount on strategy RPG Rainbow Moon.

On the PS Blog, PlayStation Digital Platforms Community Manager Morgan Haro has announced that effective with the July 3rd PlayStation Store update, Gotham City Impostors, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, and Renegade Ops will all be joining the PS+ Instant Game Collection.

Haro also noted that Virtua Fighter 5, Hard Corps: Uprising, and Zombie Apocalypse will be rotated out of the PS+ catalog with the July 3rd PS Store update. However, PS+ members can still download the games prior to the update and can continue to keep them in their collections so long as they remain PS+ members.

A user had commented that keeping games in the Instant Game Collection from the previous month(s) will have users waiting to activate their subscriptions in order to obtain maximum value and stretch their subscriptions as long as they can. The user believes that Sony should refresh all of the games in the collection monthly. Haro replied:

To manage expectations, I wouldn’t count on an entire 12 game refresh monthly, it’s not in the cards at this time. What we did was bolster the # of free games that are always available on the service, while still maintaining the previous new game update levels. So in past months, you would get approx 3 free games in Plus. Now, you still get that, plus a ton of other titles that will continually be an option.

We’ve got our eyes on the math in the system, but thanks for the feedback!

Also, when Rainbow Moon releases on July 10th, PS+ users will receive a 20% discount on the game.

Finally, Haro announced that an update for PS+ content will be coming to the PS Blog midway through the month, and he teased that includes: “offers on a psychedelic racing game, exclusive access to an action-packed beta, and amazing deals on anticipated new PSN releases.”

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