Ditch The Cops In New Need For Speed: Most Wanted Gameplay Video

July 27, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

EA has released a new gameplay video for Criterion’s fast and furious open-world racing game, which takes a look at some of the game’s features.

The game offers multiple routes for races, automatic comparison of scores via Autolog 2 after a race has been completed, and that “Speed Points” can be earned in races to raise a player’s online standings.

The video also shows that after a race has been completed, the Fairhaven City police force begins to pursue the player. Players will have to lose the cops by using shortcuts (which contain collectibles), taking them head-on, or by taking the chase off-road to evade them (which will damage the car and cause it to become dirty, “visually affecting” it). The police will attempt to surround the player, in which case he/she can use high-speed evasive racing techniques to lose them and become “Most Wanted.” Players can still escape the cops any way they’d like to, though.

Would you opt to engage the police or outmaneuver them in Need For Speed: Most Wanted?