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    Starhawk Goes Update Crazy Next Week, Single-Player Free for PS Plus Subscribers

    September 20, 2012 Written by Alex Osborn

    Developer LightBox Interactive has plenty of exciting content for Starhawk fans next Tuesday, including new modes, a number of fixes and more.

    As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the full digital version of Starhawk will be available on PSN for $39.99, just multiplayer for $19.99 and  - if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber – the single-player free of charge.

    Update 1.04 launches on the 25th and brings the following changes:

    • 3 New Gameplay Modes: Assault, Deathmatch Arena, Gatekeeper.
    • 5 New “Small” Maps: Cypress Glade, Space Relay, Scourge Junction, Space Flotilla, Scourge Breaker.
    • Updated pre-placed pick-ups on all maps (just like we did in Cypress) as well as updated Rift Barrel placement.
    • 3 New Build & Battle Load-outs: Trooper, Lightweight and Speeder.
    • New Tool-Tips are displayed on various options and buttons in the Uplink. including a display of all the units in each Load-Out and recommended player counts when you create a new game.
    • MAW Rocket Launcher now can lock-on to the Sidewinder Jet Bike.
    • Added four New national clan banners for our players in the Middle East: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the UAE.
    • Quit Penalty for players that quit during a game — you get a loss posted and SkillScore hit.
    • New “Up Next” display at the intermission screen of what map, mode and load-out is coming up in the next round.
    • More score-limit and time-limit options when creating a game.
    • All three new game modes are added to QuickMatch for matchmaking.
    • Co-Op Prospector is now supported in Quick-Match for matchmaking into public Co-Op games.
    • New Co-Op Prospector options for creating Private or Public games, difficulty, and game name.
    • Public Co-Op Prospector games now are supported in the server-list.
    • Bug fix that ensures that only Clan Leaders/Officers can edit the clan tag field.
    • Added a PlayStation Store button to the Uplink for accessing Starhawk DLC.
    • Increased starting Rift-Energy in Homeworlds.
    • Slightly increased the Galloway Pistol’s head-shot damage.
    • Removed the “Bruiser” Skill.
    • Added a “Grinder” Skill that allows you to start with a Grinder in your weapon inventory.
    • Grinder wind-up time has been reduced.
    • Max range for the Grinder has been increased.
    • In the server-list, the easy “Cake” and medium “Fist” game icons have been removed. You will still see the hard “Skull” game icons.
    • Refined difficulty tuning on all Co-Op Prospector Missions (slightly easier).
    • Increased XP payouts for all Co-Op Prospector Missions.
    • XP payouts for capturing Tier-2 and Tier-3 bases in the Zones gameplay mode.
    • Integrated Starhawk-specific network scan to help players resolve port issues.
    • Added in-game scoreboard HUD for Dogfight & Arena Deathmatch gameplay modes.

    For the full rundown on all these updates, you can also check out the video below.