The Catch-Up: October 2nd, 2013 – Neil Druckmann Talks Scrapped Jak & Daxter Sequel, The Last of Us Single Player DLC “Floored Me”

October 2, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


R.I.P. Tom Clancy.

General News

  • The ESA Founder will be honoring Kazuo (Kaz) Hirai at the 2013 Nite to Unite – For Kids on October 23rd, 2013 at The Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco. Attaboy Kaz! [Press Release]
  • If you missed them yesterday, the Can’t Stop Crying Pack and The Legend of the Blacksmith Pack are now available for Castle Crashers on the North American PSN for $1.99. [Source]
  • There’s going to be a new CG animated Sonic series debuting in fall 2014 on Cartoon Network in the US, with an initial run of 52 11-minute episodes.[Source]
  • Neil Druckmann said of The Last of Us single player DLC: “Captured some acting today that floored me. Got up. Listened to new music from Gustavo. Got floored again. The feels are acoming.” [Twitter]
  • It seems like a release date for Burial at Sea Part 1 for BioShock Infinite is close as Ken Levine said, “Hands on day with the press today for #burialatsea part 1. Soon you shall know their thoughts. Date soon to come so don’t ask. Honest truth: we won’t give a date until 1000% certain. We’re not ignoring your requests. Well, I am, but just the weird sexy ones.” [Twitter 1, 2]
  • Cross Play for Terraria on the PlayStation Vita has been confirmed! [Source]
  • When adding in Paypal, the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter brought in over $4 million. [Source]

New Videos

  • Here’s an overview for the Battlefield 4 beta:

  • A few minutes of Resogun from EGX are about to invade your eyeballs:

  • Blast ‘Em Bunnies is coming to the PS4, PS Vita, and 3DS from nnooo in 2014:

Do you hope we see a Jak & Daxter game on PS4 and PS Vita at some point? Let us know in the comments below.