Knack Co-op Shown Off in New Video, Knack’s Quest Item Send Update Coming on November 15th

November 7, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


When Knack releases for the PlayStation 4, it will include a 2-player co-op mode, with a second person able to jump in at any time, either using another DualShock 4 or a PlayStation Vita.

In the co-op mode, that second player will take control of Robo Knack, who has similar moves to Knack, but can donate parts to Knack and heal him by pressing the triangle button:

Throughout Knack’s story mode, there will be over 60 rooms hidden behind a wall, containing a chest with either a gadget part or Crystal Relic (find enough Crystal Relics and you’ll unlock a new form of Knack for your 2nd playthrough). In total, there will be 8 gadgets, each requiring 3 – 7 parts to complete. Once finished, you can then equip those gadgets to Knack to gain special abilities.

There’s also a friend aspect to these chests, which Nick Accordino of SCEA outlined:

Whenever you find a secret chest, you’ll be able to either take the item you found in the chest, or choose any item a friend found in that same room the last time they played. This can really come in handy when you’re trying to complete those gadgets or unlock that last Knack variant. Your gadget collection even carries over to new playthroughs, so you can work on getting all eight handy gadgets.

As well, we let you know that Knack’s Quest became available on iOS yesterday (an Android version is expected “within a week or two”), and it’s been confirmed that an update will go live for the game on November 15th, allowing you to transfer over all your unlocked items.

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