The Swapper, 1001 Spikes Won’t be August 2014 PlayStation Plus Free Games (Update)

July 29, 2014Written by Jason Dunning



The August 2014 PlayStation Plus Free Games for North America and Europe have been revealed.

Original Story:

Shortly after a rumor popped up suggesting the August 2014 PlayStation Plus free games included The Swapper and 1001 Spikes, the developers and publishers behind those games confirmed that they aren’t going to be free next month.

Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis said, “The 1001 Spikes PS+ rumors are just that, rumors. Feel free to ignore them.”

Curve Digital explained:

The Swapper is NOT on PlayStation Plus this month, nor do we have any plans to bring it to Plus. That leaked list is absolutely incorrect. If it was going to be in Plus, we would tell you, and it wouldn’t be in a massive PSN Play promotion, either.

Curve added, “We’re also soon going to start work on the next round of PlayStation Vita/PlayStation 4 games, very exciting!”

We’ll find out the full list of August 2014 PlayStation Plus free games in North America and Europe later this week, and unfortunately it doesn’t appear as though the PlayStation Asia website will leak the games ahead of time.