Blizzard No Longer Considering a Diablo MMO, Discusses the Franchise’s Future

November 9, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


Blizzard Entertainment’s Lead Content Designer, Kevin Martens, confirmed to Kotaku during BlizzCon that the developer is no longer considering a Diablo MMO. Blizzard had previously said that it was interested in taking the Diablo franchise to other genres, including an MMO. Martens revealed that the idea is no longer in discussion. 

It was a really interesting idea back when we were into it, but I think Diablo has a really strong fantasy on its own. Having a thousand people playing it with you on a server doesn’t dramatically increase it. We’ve learned to love the smaller, more focused party experience of four people. And some people are like, ‘Why don’t you do five?’ I mean, we could, but kinda built the game around four people in mind. So the temptation of expanding the social circle has fallen by the wayside as we learned more about what we enjoy about Diablo.

In terms of Diablo’s future, Martens said that Blizzard is “happy with where the game is at” but that no designer is ever “truly happy” with a game. “We like the direction we’ve chosen for this. It’s way over the top,” he added. 

Do you agree with Marten or would you like to see the franchise take a different direction?

[Source: Kotaku]