Kingdom Under Fire II Gameplay Video Shows Off PS4 Controls

November 24, 2014Written by Mark Labbe

A new gameplay video for Kingdom Under Fire II has just been released, giving fans a glimpse at what the PlayStation 4 controls for the game will be.

While unfortunately the control titles are in Korean, the video does show a person pressing buttons on a DualShock 4 controller as he or she plays, allowing viewers to see how easy the controls will actually be. A multitude of different attacks and spells are also shown in the video, although not as many as we have already seen in the longer gameplay video that was released earlier in the year.

It is not yet clear when Kingdom Under Fire II will come out on the PS4 and the PC, but it is known the RPG will be free-to-play and that the two versions of the game will be almost identical. What do you think of the new video? Do you think the controls will be easy to learn?

 [Source: ImpressWatchChannel (YouTube) via Gematsu]