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EA Executive Says Games of Today are “Too Hard to Learn”

February 6, 2015Written by Mark Labbe


While talking to game developers at the 2015 DICE Summit, Electronic Arts Chief Creative Officer Richard Hilleman gave his thoughts on the complexity of today’s video gaming, explaining how he believes they are too difficult for new players.

Our games are actually still too hard to learn. The average player probably spends two hours to learn how to play the most basic game.

And asking for two hours of somebody’s time–most of our customers, between their normal family lives…to find two contiguous hours to concentrate on learning how to play a video game is a big ask.

While it might not take veteran gamers two hours to learn how to play a game, it can be tricky when familiar franchises update the controller layout, like the way Assassin’s Creed Unity switched up the controls on us. It can also be difficult when transitioning from a game like Dying Light, which uses one set of buttons for jumping and using items, into a game like Call of Duty, which uses a somewhat different layout.

What do you think? Are games of today too tricky to get the hang of?

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