Sony on PS4 Update 2.50: System Back-Up Can’t be Used Selectively, Personalized Button Mapping Doesn’t Carry Over to Share Play

March 25, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


Now that Sony has fully detailed PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.50, which launches tomorrow, some more user questions have popped up about the changes.

Answering them is John Booth, Senior Manager of Portable Product Planning at PlayStation Europe, who went on the PS Blog and talked about deleting your 0% Trophies:

You can use your PS4 or PS App to delete any 0% Trophies from PSN. However, Trophy Data local to your PS3 and PS Vita will not be deleted.

If you do end up deleting a 0% Trophy List but play the game again, “The Trophy List will be re-added when you load up the game.” Also, while you can’t delete Trophy Lists over 0%, you can hide Trophies on a per game basis in Privacy Settings.

Booth then turned to the enlarged text and bold fonts, saying, ” Large text and bold text are separate options, along with high contrast mode, zoom, and inverted colors. These are all options that you can turn on through the Accessibility menu.”

As for the extensive DualShock 4 button mapping options, Booth confirmed it doesn’t carry over to Share Play:

Personalized button mapping does not carry through to Share Play. For instance, if I switch “X” and “O” buttons on my controller, when I use Share Play and give the controller to a visitor, their controls will be as they have set it on their PS4 console.

Finally, he talked about Trophy screenshots and the Back-Up/Restore options, confirming that you can’t pick and choose what gets backed up:

The Trophy screenshots are saved locally on your PS4. They are not uploaded online.

Back-Up/Restore, can not be used selectively. The entire system is backed up.

Passwords and Trophy Data are not covered in this feature, so please remember your sign-in password and to synch your Trophies when you do Backup/Restore.

Are you going to be re-mapping any of the buttons on your DualShock 4 after installing 2.50?

[Source: EU PS Blog]