Project CARS PS4 vs. Xbox One Frame-Rate Test Gives Nod to PS4, Day One Update is Over 800MB

May 6, 2015Written by Jason Dunning

With Project CARS releasing tomorrow in Europe (North America gets it next week), the embargo has lifted and Digital Foundry took some time to compare the final retail versions of the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

First up, Project CARS takes up roughly 19.5GB when installed on each console, while the day one update (1.01) is 817MB on PS4 and 482MB on Xbox One. This patch is essentially required, as Digital Foundry says, “It’s impossible to play anything besides one track in solo mode until the update is finished on either platform.”

Getting to the frame-rate test, they say fps can go from a steady 60 to mid-30s with screen-tearing, depending on the game mode and race settings.

In early career mode races with a car count of 20, Digital Foundry typically saw 50-60fps on both platforms, with the drops occurring when more cars were on-screen. They add, “It’s a modest test, but overall PS4 hits this peak 60fps figure sooner than Xbox One, and holds it for longer without resorting to drops and screen-tear.”

Once rain is introduced to Project CARS though, the fps drops become more pronounced. While driving around without any other cars nearby on a rainy Brands Hatch course, it dropped to around 50fps on PS4 and 45fps on Xbox One. Add in the pit-stop and stands, then the number goes to 40-50fps.

In a stress test on solo mode, which included rain, 45 cars, and more on the 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit, the two consoles are similar at around 35fps. Switching to tracks like Imola and Azure Coast and lowering the car count to 31, the PS4 version rarely dropped to 30fps, and sometimes carried a 15fps advantage over Xbox One.

You can check out Digital Foundry’s full report for more analysis, but their summary says Project CARS runs best on PS4:

As with our initial hands-on, heavy rain is still the cause for the most sizable drops to 50fps and lower, while races with clear skies hold much closer to the target 60fps. It’s also evident Xbox One struggles to match the PS4’s performance levels in most scenarios, especially with a conga line of cars in tow, where Sony’s platform typically takes a firm lead.

Will you be picking up Project CARS on PS4?

[Source: Eurogamer]