Dragon Quest Heroes Includes All Japanese DLC Episodes On-Disc for Free in North America & Europe

September 11, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


When Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below releases for PlayStation 4 on October 13 in North America and October 16 in Europe, it will include all of the Japanese DLC episodes on-disc for free.

Following the Dragon Quest Heroes launch in Japan, Square Enix brought out “a whole bunch of DLC episodes that players can enjoy, with all kinds of costumes and even an additional playable character as a reward for beating them.”

Square Enix explained how you’ll be able to unlock these DLC episodes in-game:

The DLC episodes become available once you’ve completed the main story up to a certain point and by meeting a few conditions. Most of them will be available to play after beating the king hydra, so you might want to keep an eye out for some letters to arrive at the post office. And if you’re thinking, why would there be a post office in Dragon Quest Heroes, well, how else are the heroes going to get mail!? Anyway, these letters might be requests for help or even challenges, and if you’re up to try them, the rewards are going to be awesome!

Here’s a look at some of the episodes:

  • Alena’s Episode – Completing Alena’s episode will get you her original Dragon Quest IV costume! I think she looks really cute with the tights! Alena’s episode brings her into a competition for the Colissea Cup. Completing the quest will get you alternate arranged costumes for both the tomboy Tsarevna and her loyal friend, Kiryl and rare accessories!
  • Bjørn Boss Battle – Meet Bjørn the Behemoose, one of the largest bosses in the series! He first appeared in Dragon Quest V as a terrible evil that Nera’s family sealed away. Since Bjørn is so huge, you’ll have to jump on his massive body and deal damage to him that way…
  • The Great Demon Lord Zoma Boss Battle – The scary looking monster here is The Great Demon Lord Zoma, the final boss of Dragon Quest III! Zoma will freeze your party with a strong ice spell. Maybe it’d be a good idea to stock up on ice resistant equipment before taking on this challenge!
  • Nokturnus Boss Battle – The hardest boss in Dragon Quest VI! Goooooood luck!
  • Psaro, the Manslayer Boss Battle – Here’s Psaro the Manslayer himself! He’s the only character that can equip greatswords! Psaro’s form changes when he uses his coup de grâce! He will burn his surroundings with the heat ray that he shoots from his eyes! Just like in the Nintendo DS remake of Dragon Quest IV, if you can beat him, you can get him on your team as playable character!

If you want to play Dragon Quest Heroes before launch, Best Buy and GameStop locations in North America are currently housing PS4 kiosks with a demo.

[Source: Square Enix]