Metal Gear Online Gameplay Video Walks You Through a Match, Konami Details Stages & Missions

September 17, 2015Written by Jason Dunning

Launching on October 6 for all Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain owners on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, Metal Gear Online was given an official Tokyo Game Show 2015 gameplay demo, narrated in English.

Throughout the video, not only will you see gameplay of MGO, but you’ll also watch a Bounty Hunter Mode match and learn about the different classes available – Infiltrator, Scout, and Enforcer.

Meanwhile, the Metal Gear Online website was updated, giving you details on missions, stages, the classes, and more:


  • Bounty Hunter – Teams win if the number of enemy team tickets is reduced to zero. Killing or Fultoning an enemy reduces the enemy team tickets by one. Fultoning an enemy increases your team’s ticket total by the value of the Fultoned enemy’s bounty.
  • Cloak and Dagger – Attackers win by recovering the Data Disc and uploading it at the Evac Point within the time limit. Defenders win by preventing the upload. Attackers are armed with only non-lethal weapons while defenders only have lethal weapons. This is an elimination mission. Once eliminated, you cannot return to the battlefield until the next round.
  • Comm Control – Attackers must capture Comm Links to download confidential intel. If the attackers complete the download within the time limit, they are victorious. If the defenders are able to prevent this within the time limit, they are victorious. Comm Links can be captured by staying within the effective range of the Comm Links until they change ownership.


  • Jade Forest – African Jungle Outback. Composed of natural jungle and a desolate village.
  • Red Fortress – Soviet Military Base in Afghanistan. A hilltop base with a peripheral view of the surrounding desert.
  • Gray Rampart – A dam and its environs. The stage contains two regions on either side of a river, with the dam and bridges connecting them.
  • Amber Station – A gas refinery on a harbor. The stage contains several multi-level structures.
  • Black Site – The infamous US military base nine years after the events of “METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES”. It contains a multi-level base with mostly flat and spacious surrounding areas.


  • Scout Class – With advanced scouting capabilities, the “Recon Class” specialties are long-range combat and support functions. Movement speed and strength are average making this a great choice for beginners.
  • Enforcer Class – With great strength, the “Heavy Class” specializes in powerful weapons. However, movement speed is slow making this class less effective in close quarters. This class is for intermediate players.
  • Infiltrator Class – Fast moving, the “Infiltration Class” specialty is close combat such as CQC. Due to the strength being low, you should avoid a head-on battle. This is a class for experienced players.


  • Unique Character – When “Unique Character” is selected in mission settings, one player on each team is assigned at random to play as a unique character. Unique characters such as Snake and Ocelot have significantly higher abilities compared to regular player characters. They also have exclusive weapons and actions, providing opportunities to try different play styles.
  • Abilities – Equipping abilities enhance performance of your character or your weapons. Each ability has 3 levels.
  • Buddy – Players can join up with a “Buddy”. When your Buddy Gauge reaches 50% or greater, you can respawn at your buddy’s location. Once the buddy gauge reaches 100%, you can equip the E-RB WORMHOLE GEN. from your support weapons. This device can be placed and entered to instantaneously travel to your buddy’s location.
  • Interrogation – Restraining an enemy with CQC and holding down the CALL button performs an “interrogation”. If the interrogation is successful, you gain intel on the enemy team’s location, which is automatically shared with your buddy.
  • Weight and Mobility – Weapons and items have weight associated with them. Based on total weight, your “mobility” rating ranges from Level S to D, affecting your movement speed and weapon sway. When editing your loadouts, keep the mobility rating in mind.
  • Party – If you join a party, you will be able to join the same match as the party members. You can access the Party Menu from the Freeplay environment. (Party feature is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms)
  • Experience Points – Based on your performance during the match, you gain experience points. Earn experience points (XP) to raise your character level. If you raise your level, you can obtain new weapons or abilities as a reward.

After MGO launches for consoles on October 6, it comes to PC in 2016.

[Source: Metal Gear Solid V]