Titanfall 2 – Everything You Need to Know

October 24, 2016Written by Michael Briers

Two years ago, Titanfall deployed from orbit onto PC and Xbox platforms, bringing with it a blistering multiplayer component that took the run-and-gun nature of Call of Duty and fired it into the stratosphere. It was a refreshing entry into the FPS genre that fell just short of revolutionary, though PlayStation users were forced to watch the mech-on-mech action from afar as per Respawn and Microsoft’s content partnership.

That all changes with the release of Titanfall 2 in a few days’ time. Confirming early rumors to be true, Respawn’s sequel is indeed a multi-platform title, and PS4 owners have already been given a small taste of what’s to come thanks to the recent pair of tech tests. They weren’t without their faults, but as it was simply a beta build of the shooter, all eyes are slowly turning to October 28 in anticipation of launch.

And so, as the PlayStation faithful gears up for full-blown galactic warfare, PlayStation LifeStyle has compiled a new Everything You Need to Know post for Respawn’s imminent release. It features everything from the new Titans to the buddy cop dynamic between Jack Cooper and his hulking companion, BT-7274. Flick through the gallery below for all necessary information and, well, standby for Titanfall.

Titanfall 2 is poised to deploy across PS4, Xbox One and PC on Friday, October 28. If its more content you’re after, look no further than our in-depth review of Respawn’s sequel, where PMC handed out the coveted Editor’s Choice award. The only question left now is, will you be joining in on the action?

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