Titanfall 2 – Full List of Pilot Boosts & Executions, Titan Customization Blowout

October 21, 2016Written by Alex Co

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You might have already checked out the full list of Titanfall 2 weapons, classes and kits that’ll be available at launch, but that’s not the only thing players will be able to customize and unlock in the shooter.

Pilot boosts and executions can also be unlocked to add another layer to the customization and gameplay. Of course, Pilots aren’t the only ones customizable in Titanfall 2, those big, lumbering robots that destroy everything in their path? Yeah, they have their own ability progression system as well! Shown in the gallery below are the different Titanfall 2 Titan customization options and abilities players will be able to equip to their mech at launch.

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Check back next week for our final thoughts on Titanfall 2 in our review!