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Titanfall 2 Best Weapon Guide – We Show You Which Gun

Continuing our Titanfall 2 video guides, the TacticalBrit now shows us what the Titanfall 2 best weapon is. Of course, needless to say, this is entirely subjective and should be based on how well you play, and whether the weapon TacticalBrit recommends is the best gun for you (he says so as much).

TacticalBrit recommends the G2 Assault Rifle; a semi-automatic that deals a lot of damage, very high mobility and is super accurate when aiming down your sights even in long range. What are the cons? You will most likely be outgunned by SMG users in head-to-head encounters in close range, you need to have fast trigger fingers, and if you’re the type that spray and prays, this won’t work as well for you.

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