Bethesda Reveals Mod Guidelines for Fallout 4 and Skyrim

October 27, 2016Written by Tyler Treese

Skyrim mod guidelines

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition releases tomorrow on PlayStation 4, and one of the most exciting additions is that console players will be able to use mods created by the community. To be prepared for this, Bethesda has released an updated set of Skyrim mod guidelines on their official website, that also cover Fallout 4.

The guidelines are pretty straight forward. Mods must be uploaded by the creator (and not a third party). Bethesda wants mods of a high quality, and tell players to tag early builds with a work-in-progress flag so they can get feedback from the community. The developer also gave a bunch of examples on how to make sure your mod gets noticed on (such as avoiding generic names and using social media to promote it) and all of those can be found on their website.

Bethesda also gave examples on why mods are generally removed.

  • Do not upload a mod without box art, screenshots or a description.
  • Do not upload mods or mods taking content from other mods unless you have permission from the creator.
  • Do not upload mods using third-party content (licensed properties, content from other games, and other trademarked properties). This includes using assets from other Bethesda games.
  • Do not create mods that allow users to circumvent the need to purchase add-on content.
  • Do not upload mods featuring nude or sexually explicit material.
  • Do not upload mods featuring violent acts towards children.
  • Do not upload mods that feature real world religious/political content. Content specific to game content is admissible.
  • Do not upload mods that include hate speech, malicious content, or content that slanders/harasses other members.
  • Do not upload mods that include private information.

I guess this means that gamers won’t be getting a nude Skyrim mod on consoles, but somehow I think I’ll be able to live without it.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition releases October 28.

(Source: Bethesda)