Dishonored 2 Day One Update Is 9GB on PS4 & Xbox One, Pre-Load Is Live

November 8, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

With copies of Dishonored 2 already making their way into people’s hands before launch on November 11 (or November 10 if you pre-order), it’s been revealed that the day one update is 9.1GB on PlayStation 4 and 9GB on Xbox One.

For the Dishonored 2 update on PS4, Reddit user LegalTRR reveals that the PS4’s Update History says it includes improved texture streamer, shadow quality, reloading time, audio mix, and frame-rate performance. Additionally, the update adds a mid-mission stats screen, screenshot preview for saved games, and various bug fixes.

Bethesda previously suggested you download the day one Dishonored 2 update, but they didn’t say it would be 9GB.

If you pre-ordered Dishonored 2, the pre-load is now live on PS4, weighing in at 48GB.

Answering a question about the Dishonored 2 pre-order offer, the official Twitter acount, “If you pre-order a digital or physical version of Dishonored 2, the play a day early applies.” Pre-ordering also nets you a free copy of Dishonored Definitive Edition.

As the Trophy list for Dishonored 2 reveals, you’ll need to beat the game at least twice to get the Platinum.

Since copies aren’t being sent to media until Thursday, don’t expect to see any Dishonored 2 reviews at launch.

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