Crytek: PS4 Pro’s Extra 1GB RAM is Sufficient for Increased Graphics & Pro-Specific Improvements

November 13, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan


Crytek’s Technical Director, Rok Erjavec, has said that the PlayStation 4 Pro‘s extra 1GB of RAM is sufficient to meet the increased graphics requirements that Sony’s upgraded hardware brings. Speaking to GamingBolt, he revealed that the overall increase is “somewhat substantial” compared to the standard console’s.

The system gives us back an additional 0.5GB over thePS4, which is enough to fill in the increased requirements from things like 4K, higher quality rendering features, etc. Coming out at about a 10% increase, it can be seen as somewhat substantial relative to the base console, but mainly it’s there to transparently allow for PS4 Pro-specific improvements without developers having to jump through complicated hoops.

Elsewhere in the interview, Erjavec said that the Pro comes with some “interesting enhancements” that Crytek hasn’t really had the opportunity to work with before. “Some things are transparent efficiency improvements,” he said. “Others – like the ID buffer or hardware-multi res – actually pave the way for new rendering pipeline workflows, and as such still need to be experimented with to determine all the possibilities.”

Sony previously explained why the extra GB of RAM was an important addition to PS4 Pro. You can read up more on that here.

[Source: GamingBolt]