New Tekken 7 Trailer Released, Akuma Might Be the Only Cross-Over Character

November 18, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

Titled Your Story, Your Fight, Bandai Namco unveiled a new Tekken 7 trailer at the Golden Joystick Awards, offering up some more footage from the fighting game coming in early 2017 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

One of the 30+ fighters in Tekken 7 is Akuma from the Street Fighter series. As Producer Katsuhiro Harada revealed in an interview with GameSpot, Akuma’s important to the overall story, but he might be the only cross-over character in Tekken 7:

Akuma may be a special case. It’s not like other games where we take the character and put him in the character lineup and that’s it. He’s actually part of the story and the game – not just the backstory but actually in the story mode itself. It might be interesting to include some other guest characters, if there was one that really clicked and could bring in a new audience. But at the moment, it’s not something we’re actively thinking about.

As far as Tekken x Street Fighter: not much tie over between Akuma and that game. Akuma was a thought that actually occurred much earlier when we first were discussing Street Fighter x Tekken. Afterward, we thought right away that it would be cool to bring Akuma into Tekken.

Asked if there’s any plans to continue development on Tekken x Street Fighter, Harada said, “Stay tuned!”

As for PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio, Harada still doesn’t know if Tekken 7 will support them yet. “Those platforms are relatively new as far as what we know about them and what’s been released publicly about them,” he said. “It’s hard to comment on that right now.”

In our interview with Harada, the topic of post-launch DLC was brought up and he said, “Up until now, our DLC was free, but we were only able to provide free content for two to three months after launch. However, current feedback from players has been that they want to see a longer span of support after the release, so we are currently still discussing our plans for DLC.”

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