Titanfall 2 Stats Shown in Infograph, Over 114 Million Titans Dropped & More

December 2, 2016Written by Alex Co


To celebrate Titanfall 2’s free multiplayer trial weekend, EA has released an infograph showing us some of the Titanfall 2 stats players have managed to accrue while playing.

Unsurprisingly, the most used Titan is Tone, and the most popular mode is Attrition. For the weapons, the starting guns have gotten the most kills, which is also not that surprising given how versatile most of them are. Check out the other stats in the infograph below.


In case you’re not sure whether to download the demo client or not, go give our review a read, and see why we gave it a 9/10 and an Editor’s Choice award. And don’t forget, all maps, modes, weapons and other things affecting Titanfall 2’s balance will be free.

You can download the Titanfall 2 demo file here, with the free trial ending on December 5 at 10 a.m. ET.